Leadership and Tough Decisions

Often as a leader, one must make difficult or even unpopular decisions. Decisions that are unpopular are often the most difficult. How can we make better decisions when faced with differing pathways?  I’ll offer seven (7) insights on making better decisions:
  1. Remember that good decisions are birthed more from understanding God’s will instead of our preferences. 
We must trust in the Lord to take care of the consequences of decisions we have come to with His guidance.
  1. Lean on God’s knowledge of the future.
God is God and we are not. We need to remind ourselves of that truth often. When we need to make difficult leadership decisions, we need to remind ourselves that often more is at stake than what we are interested in at the time.
  1. When making decisions, we don’t depend on our first emotion. 
Our hearts can deceive us and our emotions are not trustworthy. Sometimes our own musings are not trustworthy. Refuse to make decisions based on emotion or as a quick response.
  1. Decisions are better with good, godly counsel from others. 
We need each other. We need to build a team of godly counselors that have the freedom to speak openly and honestly into our lives. With these in our lives, we will find that our decision-making will grow stronger.
  1. Fear has no place in good decision-making. 
Sometimes we fear the outcome of our decisions. Sometimes we fear that we will make the wrong decision; however, we must ultimately face the fear and make the best decision we can based upon the Word of God, our time with our God, and the influence of others that we have grown to trust. Make the decision.
  1. Study those who have historically made good and long-lasting decisions. 
Learn from the mistakes and victories of others. Experience is good, but evaluated experience is better. I prefer to learn from the experience of others as I move forward in my leadership journey. Evaluate the steps those you study took to make good decisions and distill a list for yourself.
  1. Make the decision and move forward humbly. 
We create more difficult decisions when we fail to make the necessary decision today.

Executive Director of the Atlanta Metro Baptist Association. I am a leadership coach and trainer who specializes in assisting others to lift the limits of their leadership.

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